April is a Game Changer!!

       Hello my lovelies, well I’m going to jump right into it. If you are thinking of starting something a brand new adventure, signing a contract, or  deciding  to try the new Katy Perry pixie bleached blonde do….HOLD OFF!!!  Darlings we have five, yes five planets in retrograde and a Full Moon  in Libra.  A Pink Moon. This is not the time to for anything new.  Cosmically speaking the odds are stacked against us.  Retro means past so this is the optimal time to redo, revisit, revamp any past projects or even relationships that seemed stalled in the past. Now all the pieces will fall together seamlessly and effortlessly.

      Let me tell you what planets are going retrograde and how they are affecting us. Venus  has been going retrograde since March 4, and will go direct on April 15th Whew!  Venus is now in the sign of Pisces  the Fish. Very sensitive, creative, romantic, to put it another way all the feels. So Venus already rules the relationship or love house.  So if  you’ve had  ex’s pop into your head or life this could be why.  Now couple this with the Full Moon we are experiencing. Full Moons are great releasing all that which no longer serves us and this is one mother moon of releasing. It seems collectively  to steal a line from one of my very favorite 80’s songs we’ve all been “Holding back the years, holding back the tears” Simply Red.   Best advice call in Arch Angel Haniel  during the full moon. To help release what is no longer serving you and to also heal burdens from the past. 

        Now if that wasn’t enough we have Mercury going retrograde the planet of communication.  Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. This is the planet that gets the most attention when it goes retrograde. People will freak out, cancel trips, (all before American Airlines scandal) , back up work on computers, so on so forth. Yes communication can get skewed. Yes electronic devices such as smart phones, I pads, computers can go on the fritz, however instead of freaking out. Regroup.  There might be a chance that you have to unplug your devices and reboot them to restart them but then again we need to that for ourselves, for our soul. It’s like Mercury retrograde gives us permission to take a much needed time out.  Besides retrograde or not we should always think before we speak. Once the words are out there you can’t take them back.   

        The return of Saturn not only is this my favorite No Doubt CD 17 years old but Saturn is retrograde right now it started on April 6. Saturn is the planet of structure. Making sure that all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  So if we have been feeling “off our game” well this why. The upside of this planet going retrograde this is a good time to focus on the issues that crop up that seem to hold you back.  Follow the path of least resistance. Saturn is due to go direct  on Aug. 25th .  Enjoy the ride.    

        Mars the planet of  war which co-ruled by both Aries and Scorpio this is a planet that does not back down and does not give up!  When Mars goes retrograde trying to get a new project up off the ground is like hitting your head up against the wall.  However revamping old projects boom! Easy peasy!  So take some yoga breaths and go back to the drawing board. Chances are you’ll come up with something amazing!!

      Last but not least we have Pluto.  Pluto is going retrograde on April 20th. until Sept. 28th.   Pluto will bring opportunities however like the Britney Spears song you better Work Bitch!  there are some obstacles and work and healing one has to go through to reap the rewards.  There seems to be a trend with all of these planets going retrograde serious healing, detoxing, to get to the opportunities, reap the rewards we all so want and deserve.  It won’t be easy. As long as we can get through it will be worth it. Remember. Wake Up! Dress Up! Never Give Up!     Until next time XOXO



Hello my lovelies, it is your Astrology Diva here again to talk about on this auspicous day,  triskaiadekaphobia, or the fear of Friday the 13th.  

Now I’m not going to lie to you dears the diva, yes me, had a full fledged fear of Friday the 13th. I wouldn’t go to school, I would make arrangements so I wouldn’t have to work on Friday the 13th, if at all possible I wouldn’t get out of my house unless I absolutely had too! So sad and admittedly pretty foolish.  

So what changed my mind? How did I drop the phobia of Friday the 13th?  A couple of things. One I thought it was kind of silly to use up my PTO or (Paid Time Off) on something so trivial when I could use it on something big! Like a vacation, or in case I really got sick. (Which by the way I did thanks Janee) Oh did I throw some shade and drink some tea? LOL! The other reason for my epiphany was when Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album came out. My favorite of hers. Inspired by her newfound faith in Kabbalah; she purposefully put 13 songs on the album because in Kabbalah 13 is considered a lucky number.

Speaking of the power of numbers in numerology which I have been studying, when you break down 13 meaning 1 plus 3 it will equal 4. As it turns out I am a life path 4 so 13 can’t be that bad. 

What I hope you all take away from this whether you have this phobia or not, is don’t give something power over your life. I can’t believe there was a time that I wouldn’t leave the house because of a day on the calendar. Don’t let this be you. Until next time XOXO.





Super Blue Blood Moon 🌑

    Hello lovelies, are you ready for it? Tonight is the night of the super blue blood moon.  This is a trifecta of heavy energy .  

      The moon is called a super moon because it so close to Earth. Blue as in it a happens once every 100 years hence the term “once in a blue moon”. Blood  as being a term of the moon being a red color during lunar eclipse.  

       What is so exciting during this time is that we all can release what is no longer serving us and manifest what we want to bring into our lives!!!!  So get ready to release and set your intentions!!

Until next time XOXO ❤

2018 Great Expectations?

   Hello lovelies, and Happy New Year!! Before we say farewell to 2017 and hello to 2018 I thought  I would talk to you all about new years reasolutions and the intentions we set. 

     Every new years as tradition goes many of us set a resolution or intention to better ourselves. Lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, watch less tv, meditate the sky’s the limit.  

    Where we go wrong is when our expectations don’t match our resolutuons. It’s good to have a goal to be healthier. However we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if say your dieting and you only lose five pounds instead of twenty.

Great expections can be the biggest dream killer. My advice. Set an intention. Follow it through, and go with the flow. 

Until next time XOXO 💖🎇🎉




Jupiter in Scorpio =Deep Healing

       Hello lovelies, well there is a storm literally going on. Woke up to snow this morning however that is not what I am talking about. No my dears, unless you’ve been living under a rock I am talking about the storm of controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein and all the many sexual assault  allegations by many, actresses.  I find  that the main reason this has all come to light at this time; is because  with Jupiter is Scorpio  it is a time of serious deep healing.  These ladies and some men are in need of deep healing.   

     Scorpio’s  or I should say the sign of Scorpio are not afraid of  the dark and troubled . What I mean by that; it takes some time, even years to face the root problem or problems, address them  to let healing begin.  Many speculated that in Hollywood ,it was an “open secert ” about Harvey Weinstein.  Only now it has come to light. 

       Scorpio is all about solving a mystery and finally putting it to bed so a new chapter can begin. The other thing that is going on astrologically is that the Sun is the sign of Libra. Libra is all about being fair, balanced, and justice. 

   So in my  opinion, Ashley Judd was the first actress to come forth she felt ready and thought I’m going to speak my truth and let the chips fall where they may and well you know the rest.  I’m glad that she and all the other ladies and men have because absolutely no one should have to put up with this type of  behavior. Furthermore to threaten  somebody’s livelihood  in any kind of way  is despicable!   

   I have no sympathy for Harvey Weinstein.  He can go check himself into as many rehab facilities he wants to. He can even quip “Indeed I did have sexual relations with these women” a la  former President  Bill Clinton who is just as sleazy as him.  What he did what they both did was wrong  and  he will pay dearly!   Until next time XOXO 


Sweet September

Hello lovelies, we survived August and made it into September can I get an Amen!!  Finally at least astrologically speaking things have settled down.  Mercury has gone direct meaning that it is no longer going backwards. So communications  are going more smoothly, we have the green light to sign contracts, go ahead with big projects, such moving, getting married, getting a new job,  ect.  

       So far the month of September is proving to be a month  for us to regroup from all cosmic shake-ups of August and put our thoughts and or intentions into action.  With the Sun being in the Sign of Virgo this is a time to get busy.  No more thinking “I want to lose 5 or 10 pounds” now you got to get a plan to make that happen.  Virgos’ are not one’s to be complacent . Just look at Beyonce  

    We just had a Full Moon Sept. 6 in Pisces and  that lends itself to a very dreamy almost fantasy land way of thinking how things could be for us. While we release the last of  what is no longer serving us. I like to think of last months Solar Eclipse followed be Full Moon as a  serious detox.  Meaning we all collectively got rid of what we needed to; this past full moon was the final push you might say to get rid of what you no longer need nor want.  Overall I think the energy comically speaking is going to much lighter and mellower  which we are in all need in right now.  

     On a sad note we lost Louise Hay on Aug. 30, 2017  she was the founder of HayHouse and Author of the book ” You Can Heal Your Life”  I would like to leave with on  of her  positive affirmations  ”  All is Well in My World” .  

 Until next time XOXO 

My Psychic Predictions after 2017 Solar Eclipse

Hello lovelies it’s Astrology Diva here and I am here switching things up here up a little bit. I actually have a couple of psychic predictions that I would like to share with you. This is something new for me . I hope you enjoy.  

      Yesterday was the Solar Eclipse  both the Sun and Moon were both in the sign of Leo. We are now in a time of transition and new beginnings . With that we are all feeling the after effects of eclipse. For myself I felt a great sense of calm, right during the totality. With that calm I had a moment of meditation and I had these two psychic hits which I am about to share with you now.  

      The Solar Eclipse hits everybody differently, and causes them to reevaluate their life, values, beliefs differently. The first prediction that I got was about the marriage of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. They recently became parents to twins and by all accounts seem very in love with each other. However the feeling that I got right away is that this marriage is not going to last.

     This is why. She’s an Aquarius very serious-minded, where he he has a more light hearted carefree air about him.  She’s much younger by seventeen years, a private person, he’s a very public person, and know that she is a mother; all of these differences her and George have will be just too much to bear.

       Right now everything is peachy keen. Overtime  though he is going to want to be back in the spotlight because that is his nature. I don’t see them making it in the long haul.  Mostly his age, and his career will work against him and she will be the one that will  file divorce papers.    

     The other prediction is far more serious and I started getting it yesterday during the eclipse. It is about President Trump something in regards to his health sooner rather than later is going to force him to step down. The picture of him yesterday of him taking of the eclipse glasses to look at the sun; when I saw it at first I thought this must be a joke. Well unfortunately it wasn’t.  Yesterday I was worried that if my dad came out to look at the Solar Eclipse he might do something like that.  Happily that didn’t happen because he decided to stay in and nap.  

       I feel after this photo was taken of President Trump  was taken it will be more apparent that his health is failing in some way. I believe this is why Ivanka is there in the White House to keep a close eye on him to take care of him. Not an easy task  no matter who your father is. I’m not sure when it will happen date wise probably  by the end of this year. I would look for more outrageous behaviour that ,  just does not make sense and seems uncharacteristic of  President Trump.  Somehting that would baffle his own wife, children, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it baffled his ex-wives Marla nad Ivana.  

   Well there you go my psychic predictions  I hope you like them. Until next time XOXO 



Total Eclipse of Emotions

        Hello lovelies, it is your Astrology Diva here to talk about the upcoming Solar Eclipse that is happening this Monday!! Now where I live it has caused quite a lot of hoopla! As this is where it is the prime location to see the  Eclipse. Droves of people are coming to Idaho Falls to see the Moon cross the Sun.

        Traffic has picked up noticeably, hotels have been booked up, gas prices have risen, and just the influx of tourists. We as a town are not at all used to this.  Speaking for myself this isn’t a big deal, as I grew up in a touristy town. Rapid City, SD. So I am used to it and welcome it. More people can only be a good thing. Right! ?   Well feelings are definitely mixed right now and we will see once all of this is over.

         However tourists aren’t the only reason people are feeling stressed and on edge.  Energetically  speaking there is so much going on it’s not even funny.  It’s like the cosmos are having a huge orgy up there and we are feeling the repercussions, and not in a good way.  For starters we have the Sun in Leo and Moon Leo Roar! , Mercury in retrograde interfering  with our electronics and communication, Chiron known as the “wounded warrior” still transitioning through all the astrology signs, making us heal from old childhood wounds fun! Then finally capping it all of the Solar Eclipse that only happens  once every 100 years.  All of this happening during one of the hottest and busiest months of the year.  

           Take heart all of this is happening for a very good reason.  As I mentioned Chiron is transitioning through all of our signs so we can collectively take part of some deep healing.  Now nobody every really wants to do this at first. It’s like cleaning out your closet. You would rather do anything.  However once you start and throw out what no longer serves you , automatically things being to shift. You begin to feel lighter, better, you  can now see  all the new things you can feel in your empty space because you made room hence cleaned out your closet so to speak.  

         You can begin something new that you haven’t done before. It’s like this town . They as a town aren’t used to having this many people ever come to visit well ever. So of course they were met with excitement and a little bit of fear and whole lot of  I hope this goes right!!   Being an optimistic person I feel that it will go off without a hitch.  I am partaking in a Psychic Fair tomorrow downtown with some other  extremely talented practitioners.  I think it will be very fun and enlightening.    

     The other lesson if you will you can take from the  Solar Eclipse  is this . The Sun and the Moon while are two very different planets, they look different. The Sun  comes out in the daytime and is a bright yellow orange very firey. If you were to touch it you would die instanously.  Hence the reason sunscreen  is so important  to wear.  In a astrology chart it shows a persons self.  

The Moon comes out at night and is a white planet. Now we have had put a Man on this planet however it is very cold, in fact it is freezing, as Neil Armstrong  was in a suit all covered up. The Moon has different ways of showing up Full Moon , Waxing, Moon, Waning Moon, and New Moon. This shows up in a persons astrology chart as their emotional self.   

     With  all these differences they; the Sun and Moon don’t hate each other they just are.  Some people like the Sun more than the Moon or vice versa however they just are. We as a people need to learn to be just as we are.  Because there is always going to be somebody better than you, prettier, than you, smarter than you. So instead of hating and blaming,  Appreciate. Build each other up rather than tear each other down.  The only competition shoud be with one’s self.  Have a safe Solar Eclipse wear the proper eyewear, wear sunscreen, and until next time XOXO  

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Oh My!

Hello lovelies we are in August and I’m not even going to sugar coat this it is going to going to be a bumpy, turbulent month. For starters we have the Sun in Leo, we have not one but two eclipses, along with two full moons.  and five planets going retrograde. I’m not even getting into how hot it is.  Now I’m not saying it’s going to be all doom and gloom. Actually it is going to be a time of  deep, deep introspection ; where afterwards we can reap many rewards.  

            I’ll start with what is going on tonight.  We have a Full Moon that is going to in the sign of Aquarius, which is an Air sign. Along with that will be the first eclipse. It will be a partial eclipse.  This means that not only will we be releasing what no longer serves us. As we do, or should do during full moons. We will be taking a close look at what we collectively really want in our lives,   If the sign of Leo is about taking action, than Aquarius is about contemplating  what it is that will make us happy and manifest it.  Sounds like a tall order well it is and tomorrow  8/8/ 2017 some numerologists will take the 1 & 7 and = 8  making tomorrow 8/8/8  it  is known as the Lionsgate! The mother of manifestation ask and you shall  receive.  

           So with all this cosmic energy shifting around us, it’s no wonder we are feeling a bit “off” or sensitive. If you are the best thing to do is just know you aren’t the only one. Try to get plenty of rest. During full moons many people suffer from insomnia, restless sleep, and lucid dreaming. Drink plenty of water, try to get outside and set some fresh air, basically detox if you can eat fresh fruit and veggies if possible.  Were in a turbulent time energetically speaking so self-care  is very important.  

     Embrace all the changes that August has in store for you for us. Until next time XOXO 


Hey Baby What’s Your Sign?

      Hello lovelies, I am here to talk about the your Sun, Rising/Ascending, and Moon Sign so you can answer someone when they call out “Hey Baby What’s Your Sign?”  So lets dive right in.  

        So to start off with your Sun sign is the main astrology sign all astrologers look at when doing your chart and what you would look at to read your horoscope.  This is determined by where sun is transitioning in each Astrological Sign .  Even if a person is born at night, the sun is still travelling, it makes no difference.  Now the Sun Sign serves as the incarnating self.  Meaning that to learn through life experience , and is more obvious in personatlity traits.  For example I’m a Scorpio so naturally I am secretive , and intuitive.   

       Now the Rising or Ascending Sign both words mean the same thing. Many astrology books use both. This is the face if you will of  you astrology chart. Hence the reason it is so important to have the time of birth, and place to get your full natal chart done.   A persons ascending sign is a first impression if you will of that person. It sort of sets the tone. My ascending sign is Libra.  I’m a cheerful person and really do not do well in confrontational situations. My ascending sign really shows that. I strive to be fair and balanced.  

      Finally your Moon Sign this is the part of your chart that represents the heart of the matter. Meaning emotional approach to life, how a person is with their family, friends, significant others, spouses. Personally I feel that this aspect can be the most revealing and has the most impact in a persons chart. Depending on what a persons Moon Sign is as well as their Sun sign it can be very compatible or it can be at odds.  

        An example of  a  Sun Sign and Moon Sign being very compatible is Cancer Sun and Libra Moon.  The Cancer is a very nurturing sign, intuitive, family orientated, couple that with Libra which all about being fair. Listening to all sides. These two signs work harmoniously with each other.

          For instance if a person has a Leo Sun and Virgo Moon there will be a push-pull inner struggle for wanting to be the center of attention and have a devil-may-care attitude. Where as the Virgo side of them likes privacy, order, and thinks, re-thinks , then re-thinks again before going ahead with a plan. The struggle is real!   

      The other reason I believe your knowing Moon Sign is important is that with that transitions  of the moon. Full Moon, New Moon, Lunar Eclipse so on so forth.  depending on what your moon sign is where moon is during these transits can have an effect on you . 

        I hope that this shed some light on astrology signs.  Until next time XOXO


Chiron Retrograde Spiritual Healing

     Hello lovelies, here we are in July ready to celebrate our Independence Day. However there is more going on energetically making matters feel intense. The sun is in the sign of  Cancer.  Happy Birthday to all my Cancerian friends & family  members, I have a lot of them. 

     Chiron  also known as the “wounded healer” went retrograde or backwards July 1. Now Chiron is not a star or a planet rather it is a glyph, an image of a K over the circle of spirit.  What is so interesting about Chiron is that it is not assigned to a Zodiac sign or a season. However it has a great responsibility: healing spiritual wounds. 

    Chiron is a paradox of sorts. He has the head of a man and body of a horse. The combination of  instinctual self and self-consciousness. He lived in pain his whole life and  endured others’ pain, elevating him to the heavens. Now known as the cosmic messenger, Chiron passes between Saturn and Uranus. Depending on where Chiron is placed on your  birth chart, this is where you have to work on healing your spiritual wounds. Mine for instance is placed in the sign of Aries so by definition, according to “The Astrology Bible” by Judy Hall, “Wound is in the ego or Self. It may be necessary to renounce the ego. Healing comes through being centered in one’s Self.”  The take away from that is to be contemplative and take time to meditate before taking action. Be more self aware.

     The mere fact that Chiron is going retrograde during Cancer is to let us know that if we are feeling a little bit more senstive that normal this is probably why. Remember, Cancer is a water sign. They are empathetic, sympthethic, inntuitive, moody and need time to decompress. Cancers need their alone time and most are not into big crowds and with the 4th of July coming up with parades and fireworks it can lend itself to some anxiety. So my advice to all is be gentle with yourselves and each other. 

Until next time XOXO